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Washington County Departments
For numbers not listed below call 518-746-2100
Area Code 518 unless indicated.

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Aging (Office for the)  Gina Cantanucci-Mitchell 746-2420
Alternative Sentencing Main Number 746-2333
Archives Dennis Lowery 746-2136
Board of Elections Main Number 746-2180
Board of Supervisors Main Number 746-2210
Buildings & Grounds Harrison Steves 746-2451
Clerk of the Board Debbie Prehoda 746-2210
Code Enforcement Dave Armando 746-2150
County Administration Kevin Hayes 746-2590
County Attorney Roger Wickes 746-2216
County Clerk Dona Crandall 746-2170
County Courts Main Number 746-2520
Dept. of Motor Vehicles Main Number 746-2162
Dept. of Public Safety William Cook 747-7520
Dept. of Public Works Richard L. Wilson 746-2440
District Attorney J. Anthony Jordan 746-2525
Fire Coordinator Raymond Rathbun 746-2255
Historian Main Number 746-2178
Information Technology Karen Pratt 746-2110
Mental Health-Community Svc Rob York 792-7143
Parks and Recreation Main Number 746-2440
Personnel / Civil Service Melissa Moulthrop 746-2250
Planning Main Number 746-2290
Probation Anthony White 746-2260
Public Defender Main Number 746-2403
Public Health & Nursing Patricia C. Hunt 746-2400
Public Safety William Cook 747-7520
Purchasing Robert Buck 746-2103
Real Property Tax Service Laura B. Chadwick 746-2130
Sewer District Joe Brilling 747-6967
Sheriff (LEC) Jeff Murphy 746-2475
Social Services Tammy DeLorme 746-2300
Treasurer Albert Nolette 746-2220
Veterans' Service Agency Sam Hall 746-2470
Weights & Measures William Adamson 746-2254
WIC Program Marge Irwin 746-2460
Youth Bureau Michael Gray 746-2330
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