2016 Local Laws

2016 Local Law Index
Local Law 1 of 2016 - A Local Law Providing for the Salaries of the County Administrator, County Attorney, Commissioner of Social Services, Superintendent of Public Works, Sheriff, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Real Property Tax Director, Coroners, Election Commissioners, Director of Personnel/Civil Service.
Local Law 2 of 2016 - A Local Law to Continue to Enact an Occupancy Tax as Authorized by Act of the New York State Legislature (Chapter 102 of the Laws of 2009).
Local Law 3 of 2016 - A Local Law Pursuant to Sections 25.05 and 25.09 of the New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law to Designate a Portion of Washington County Route 113 as a Route Upon Which Snowmobile Travel is Allowed.
Introductory Local Law "C" of 2016 - A Local Law Pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 487(8)(a) Providing that No Exemption under Section 487 Shall Be Applicable for the Purpose of County Taxation with Respect to Any Solar or Wind Energy or Farm Waste Energy System.

Introductory Local Law "D" of 2016 - A Local Law Pursuant to Chapter 97-2011 of the Laws of the State of New York and Section 3-C of the General Municipal Law Overriding Tax Levy Limit for Fiscal Year 2017.