General Municipal Law Referrals

Referral Requirements
Section 239 of New York State General Municipal Law (GML) requires the referral of certain local planning actions to the County Planning Board for the examination of possible inter-municipal impacts.

In Washington County, this referral process is managed by the Washington County Planning Department. The Washington County GML §239 Referral Guide provides a detailed description of the referral process and the steps applicants and local boards need to take to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the review process set forth in New York State Law.

  • 2014 County Planning Board Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines
  • Referral Form (PDF)
  • Washington County GML §239 Referral Guidebook
Questions & Concerns
If you have questions regarding the referral process after reviewing the GML §239 Referral Guidebook, please feel free to contact the Planning Department for clarification.