Sexual Trauma and Recovery Services (STARS) is a program of the Adirondack Health Institute (AHI). AHI is an independent, non-profit organization that partners with regional healthcare providers and community-based organizations to improve care, lower costs and realize a healthier future.

STARS Logo with STARS acronym spelled out - "Sexual Trauma And Recovery Services"
 AHI’s STARS program serves Washington County and advocates for victims of sexual abuse and presents prevention education workshops in local schools. STARS provides a wide range of free and confidential services to all victims of sexual assault - past or present, children or adults, friends or family. Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and include: 
  • 24-hour hotline (1-800-225-7114)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Information and referrals
  • Short-term counseling
Support is available whether the assault occurred several hours or many years ago.  Please visit the STARS website for more information.

Short-term counseling is available for individuals, couples, families, friends and significant others. A counselor will work with you as you begin to sort out your feelings and regain control over your life.

Medical Escorts
Advocates are available to meet survivors at an emergency room or a private physician’s office to provide emotional support and information about medical procedures.

Legal / Court Proceedings
Advocates are available to accompany and provide emotional support to survivors throughout the legal process including accompaniment to police and court procedures. 

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
A sexual assault nurse examiner is a registered nurse who is certified in providing forensic medical exams. Evidence collected by using specialized equipment within 5 days after an assault can document internal injuries for better prosecution of a case if the victim chooses to prosecute.  All victims are encouraged to seek medical care following an assault whether or not they choose to prosecute in order to minimize STD’s, prevent pregnancy, etc.

Information & Referrals
In addition to receiving supportive crisis counseling, hotline callers may receive information and referrals on medical, legal, court procedures, support programs and counseling services. 24-hour hotline (1-800-225-7114).

Crime Victims Compensation Claims
Staff provides information about and assistance with crime victim’s board compensation claims for individuals who choose to report the crime to the police, have a forensic medical exam, have a campus security report, a child protective incident report, and/or a family court docket case.

Prevention Education
Outreach programs aimed towards building a society that is respectful of sexual boundaries is available for every age group in schools in addition to professional and community groups. A lending library is also available.

Trudi Trueheart
Trudi Trueheart is a puppet "on staff" at STARS. She's 7 years old and a survivor of child sexual abuse. Trudi is used in the pre-K through 3rd grade school prevention program talks to kids about personal safety and the touching rule:

"No older person is allowed to touch you on the private parts without a good reason."

STARS relies heavily on volunteers to help provide services. Volunteers take an intensive training program that covers crisis intervention and short-term counseling skills, dynamics of sexual assault, legal systems, medical issues and working with special populations. Following completion of the 30 hour New York State-certified training, volunteers cover the hotline, provide medical and/or legal escorts and attend special training sessions on topics related to sexual assault. Interested in volunteering? Please call the AHI STARS office at (518) 747-8849.

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AHI’s mission is to promote, sponsor, and coordinate initiatives and programs that improve health care quality, access, and service delivery in the Adirondack region. A joint venture of Adirondack Health, Glens Falls Hospital, Hudson Headwaters Health Network, and UVM Health Network - CVPH, AHI serves Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren and Washington counties.

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